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Garage Door Repair Long Island

Garage door residential, commercial services Garage door Repair Long Island has been around for over 15 years and is very well-known throughout all the parts of Long Island, NY. We take pride in the strong relations we have built with our customers over the years and are happy to say that over 75% of our clientele base has heard of us by word of mouth.  We look forward on making that percentage of referrals from our customers’ friends and family increase so we can continue to keep up with our reputation of honesty and dignity. We work to the best of our abilities and provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our clients.  Our low prices are acknowledged among many other garage door companies in Long Island which is why many of our customers recommend us to their friends and family members. Our experienced professionals specialize in garage door repair and garage door installation. 

garage door repair servicesThey install/repair springs, cables, panels, sections, pulleys, hinges, brackets, sheaves and much more.  We also provide free estimates for brand new doors.  So don’t consume all your time in researching other garage door companies when you can just call us right now and we’ll send someone to come by and give you an estimate for absolutely no cost.   Our prices are the lowest out of all our competitors and our experts are the best in the tri-state area.  We provide service 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergencies.  Our clientele base consist of commercial industries, municipal structure managers and owners, residential garage door owners, homeowners, rental property managers, multi-unit owners and many other industries.  We take pride in our diverse range of customers and positive feedback holds an immense weight of importance to our Long Island Company.  Garage door Repair Long Island specialists carry out every step of the garage door’s life cycle from building, selling, framing, installing, repairing and servicing them throughout the years.  We also provide Preventive Maintenance Plans extending durability and avoiding future major garage repairs.  We install a myriad of items regarding the garage door and its parts.

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Garage door repair, installation services Garage Door Repair Long Island installs:
  • Non-insulated doors made of 1 steel construction, 10 year Warranty.
  • Insulated doors with polystyrene insulation with an R value of 7 which has 2 layers of construction and a 10 year Warranty.
  • Insulated doors which an R value of 11 for added strength as well as a 3 layer construction made of polyurethane steel, Lifetime Warranty
  • An insulated door with Polyurethane which has an R value of 14.8, 2 inches thick and has 3 layers of construction made of polyurethane steel, very durable, Lifetime Warranty.
What’s the difference between insulated and non-insulated?  Well, if you don’t use your garage often or live in a quiet environment perhaps a non-insulated wood door would be the best choice for you.  However if you live in a busy environment where there’s a lot of activity and your kids play basketball by your garage, your best bet is to get an insulated door for added durability. 

Garage door Repair Long Island installs and repair all kinds of doors like:

Residential Doors: Glass, steel, vinyl, wood and much more
Commercial Doors: Loading dock doors, traffic doors, fire doors, and much more!

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garage door repair services We also install garage parts like: garage door openers, garage door springs, cables, pulleys, hinges, etc. Garage Door Repair Long Island PROVIDE SERVICES THAT WILL INSTALL ANY PART OF THE GARAGE DOOR OR THE ENTIRE GARAGE, WHATEVER YOU NEED, WE’LL BE THERE!

Garage Door Long Island works on all types of properties and have clients from residential areas to big industries. Call us now Garage Door Long Island and we’ll give you a free estimate on a brand new door! If you agree that our prices are very reasonable we will have a technician come by as soon as possible.
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